Request Public Records/Documents

Requests for Public Records and Documents

The North Carolina Public Records Act makes clear that written materials and other information created or received by state and local government is the property of North Carolinians, and gives the people a means of enforcing their right to see government records. The Public Records Act imposes obligations on all state andlocal government officials to:

  1. Allow inspection by any person or corporation of those government records not specifically exempted from disclosure; and 
  2. Allow the public to copy promptly upon request and at minimal expense records of its government.

While there is no specified procedure or form necessary to request copies of public records, the Town of Carolina Beach prefers these requests to be in writing to assure accuracy. Please email Kim Ward at kim.ward@carolinabeach.org to make a request. 

Please contact Town Hall at (910) 458-2999 if you are interested in obtaining copies of or viewing public records and/or documents.

CLICK HERE for more information regarding the North Carolina Public Records Laws.

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