Mission Statement:

Plastic-Free CB aims to reduce the usage of single use plastic bags and ultimately
eliminate them from the coastal environment.
Reduce single use grocery bag consumption in the Town of Carolina Beach by
40% in first year of implementation.

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The Problem
- 1 trillion bags consumed worldwide each year
- 100 billion of which is consumed in U.S. alone
- 2009 Guinness Book of World Records: Most ubiquitous consumer product
Energy Consumption:
- 12 million barrels of oil used annually in U.S.

Environmental Impacts:
- Marine Debris - approx. 346 species adversely affected
- High litterability has negative impacts on tourism
- Public health concerns due to soil and water contamination
- Life span of the average single-use plastic bag is 20 minutes
- Inadequate recycling infrastructure and economic incentive for recycled plastics
- Plastics never biodegrade and persist in the environment for many years never breaking down to organic material

Every day plastics
pose new threats
our oceans and beaches  

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Let's Work Together 
Participate as a Business/Organization:
By contributing a $100 "buy-in" fee you will
receive the following:
- 100 reusable grocery bags to sell or give away

- 100 educational brochures
- 1 window decal to display your participation
in the program
- We will include your business logo at the bottom of this page as a participating member

Please note: An annual $100 fee will be charged contributing to purchasing additional brochures and marketing in order to maintain this as a self-sustaining program.

*Your business/organization will be responsible for
purchasing additional reusable grocery bags once the
100 have been distributed*

Participate as a Citizen:
Plastic-Free CB reusable bags will be available throughout Carolina Beach at participating businesses (see below for participating businesses). Look for decal in window!

To sign up for the program OR if you have any questions please contact:

Hannah Almeter

Participating Businesses/Organizations please
Click Here to fill out audit form!

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