Planning & Development

Responsible formanaging the community's growth and providing support services which guide development from concepts to completed projects. Staff assists the Town Council, appointed Boards, and citizens with the managment of growth and promoting public health, safety and general welfare through formulation and implementation of plans, policies, procedures, the Town’s Code of Ordinances and North Carolina State Building Codes.

Our focus is respect and integrity as we serve the public in planning and developing their properties through educating, guiding, assisting, and overseeing the town’s rules and regulations.  We provide services to maintain a sustainable community.  We exist to help preserve the community’s character while working with the town’s growth, needs, and changes.

Ed H. Parvin

Assistant Town Manager / Director of Planning and Development
office (910) 458-2526  cell (910) 465-2766

                                                                                        (Seated-Left to Right:)

Code Enforcement ~
call Darrel Johnson 
office (910) 458-8238
Manages code enforcement and compliance codes.

Brenda Butler 
Community Organization Officer 
office (910) 458-8218 
Receives and processes all incoming permits.  Oversees special events and
various permits dealing with special allowances for businesses.

Ed H. Parvin 
Assistant Town Manager / Director of Planning and Development
Oversees activities in Operations and Parks & Recreation Dept. 
Directly manages Planning and Development functions,
and serves as project manager for various Town projects.

Jeremy Hardison
Assistant Director of Planning and Development
office (910) 458-2991 ~ cell (910) 512-3415
Manages the permitting processes and various state and federal grant
programs dealing with safety and security of public and private property.

Miles Murphy
office (910) 458-2978 ~ cell (910) 508-3181
Oversees permitting for zoning, flood, CAMA.

(Standing-Left to Right:)
Andrea Deopp-Norris
Administrative Support Specialist 
       office (910) 707-2042
Serves as adminstrative specialist for the department, Planning and Zoning Commission
and Board of Adjustment.  Serves as Customer Service Liaison for the Town.

Gigi Baggarley
GIS Administrator

    office (910) 707-2043
Conducts analysis of Town resources, manages permitting software, identifies and
implements various work management processes.
Jerry Haire
Project/Grant Manager
   office (910) 458-8380 ~ cell (910) 622-9614
Manages Town Projects and Grant Management.

Darrel Johnson
Building Inspector
  office (910) 458-8238 ~ cell (910) 547-1640
Ensures that all new and existing structures both residential and commercial are built to the
minimum state code and maintained to prevent and eliminate blight within our community. Staff develops,
trains and implements damage assessment teams after critical incidents occur.